Our award-winning team

actively manages each portfolio with the aim of delivering the highest return for the risk profile you select

Building on our 10 year history of delivering results to our clients

Signia Wealth’s Executive Team

Carnegie Smyth

CEO Signia Wealth & Founder of Signia Invest

Michael Rosenthal

CIO and Head of Hedge Fund Investments, Signia Wealth

Kirin Ohbi

Kirin Ohbi

General Counsel and Chief Operating Officer

Greg Malone

Head of Wealth Management, Signia Wealth


For the past 10 years Signia Wealth, has been generating award-winning investment strategies for its clients. Historically this has been restricted to High Net-Worth Individuals.

Signia Invest has been set up to allow the everyday investor access to the same expertise in managing their money. This experience in managing money gives you the best opportunity to see real growth on your investment, backed by an award-winning team.

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