Sovereign Portfolio

Available share classes: GBP, EUR, USD

Sovereign crown

Investment objective

The Signia Sovereign Portfolio aims to increase the value of your investment by more than 1% above cash a year, net of fees, over any 3 year period. Cash is measured by the Bank of England’s interest rate benchmark, SONIA. The increased value comes from a combination of income, which is money paid out of investments such as interest from bonds and dividends from ETFs (exchange traded funds), and capital growth, which is profit on investments held. There is no certainty that the aim of the portfolio will be achieved. 


The Signia Sovereign Portfolio is suitable for retail investors whose investment requirements are aligned with the objectives, policies and risk profile of the Portfolio. 

The Portfolio will focus its exposure on low-risk, high-grade bonds. Credit rating agencies rate the credit quality of bonds on a scale from AAA to D. The Portfolio will aim to have the weighted average credit rating across the holdings at or above AA-, which is considered ‘high grade’. That rating is higher than the majority of UK high-street banks.

The Signia Sovereign PortfolioTarget Annualised Return: 1% above cash*

To increase the value of your investment by more than 1% above cash* a year, net of fees, over any 3 year period. 

*Cash is measured by the Bank of England’s interest rate benchmark, SONIA. When investing, your capital is at risk and tax rules may change in the future. Learn more about risk
risk level 3

The risk indicator assumes you keep the product for 3 years. The actual risk can vary significantly if you cash in at an early stage and you may get back less than you invested.

Portfolio Composition

Asset allocation ranges (%)
Cash0 - 10%
Fixed Income90 - 100%
Currency Allocation Ranges
GBP100% (Fully Hedged)

Typical Asset Allocation

Cash & Derivatives (5%)
Supranational & Agency (45%)
Sovereign (50%)

Typical Credit Portfolio

AAA (65%)
AA (15%)
A (15%)
BBB (5%)

Typical Regional Allocation

Rest of the World (5%)
Asia Pacific (30%)
United Kingdom (10%)
Europe (25%)
North America (30%)

Performance Summary

As at September 2021

September 2021









Historical Strategy Performance

Source: Bloomberg, Signia Wealth. Data as of 31.09.2021.

Past and simulated performance is not a liable indicator of future performance. Indices are unmanaged and exclude fees 


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