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How we build your investment portfolio

Our mission is to generate a strong risk adjusted return

How we build your chosen investment fund

A multi-asset investment fund invests into a number of different underlying asset classes. Our award-winning team build each fund to deliver the highest return for the given risk profile and actively manage each fund to deliver on our targeted returns.


Global and Regional Investments



Fixed Income

Sovereign &
Supranational Debt

Corporate Bonds

Market Debt





Investment Strategy

Signia Invest provides access to a first class wealth manager, who has been operating a successful track record for its clients since 2010.

“Signia Invest find the best managers that generate the highest return for the amount of risk they are taking. We look for consistency and a methodology that can be replicated again and again for our clients”

  • We invest internationally, finding the investments that deliver the highest return for the given risk profile and we’re not biased to the UK. This means risk isn’t concentrated to one market.
  • We take a conservative view on currency risk and hedge all foreign exchange risk to the portfolio reference currency in the first instance.
  • Bigger is not always better, our investment universe is wider due to our smaller size allowing us access to smaller, well performing funds that aren’t considered by the larger managers.
  • We cap the potential highs to protect against the losses Signia Invest limit the downside risk as much as possible without giving up a lot of what they make on the upside