How we build your investment portfolio

Our mission is to generate a strong risk adjusted return

How we build your chosen investment portfolio

A multi-asset investment portfolio invests into a number of different underlying asset classes. Our award-winning team build each portfolio to deliver the highest return for the given risk profile and actively manage each portfolio to deliver on our targeted returns.




Global Equities

Fixed Income



Sovereign Debt




Supranational Bonds




Corporate Bonds

Market Performance as of 30/11/2020

Equity Returns

Fixed Income Returns

Commodities & FX Returns

Source: Signia Wealth, Bloomberg. Data as at 30/11/2020. Global Equities: iShares MSCI ACWI ETF; Global Aggregate: Vanguard Global Bond Index GBP Hedged Fund; Global Sovereign: Xtrackers Global Government Bond GBP Hedged ETF; Global IG Corporate: Vanguard Global Corporate Bond Index GBP Hedged Fund; Global HY Corporate: iShares Global High Yield Corporate Bond GBP Hedged ETF; EM$ Sovereign: iShares J.P. Morgan USD EM Bond ETF; EM$ Corporate: iShares J.P. Morgan USD EM Corporate Bond ETF; EM Local Sovereign: iShares J.P. Morgan EM Local Government Bond ETF.

Investment Strategy

Signia Invest provides access to a first class wealth manager Signia Wealth, who has been operating a successful track record for its clients since 2010.

“Signia find the best managers that generate the highest return for the amount of risk they are taking. We look for consistency and a methodology that can be replicated again and again for our clients”

  • We invest internationally, finding the investments that deliver the highest return for the given risk profile and we’re not biased to the UK. This means risk isn’t concentrated to one market.
  • We take a conservative view on currency risk and hedge all foreign exchange risk to the portfolio reference currency in the first instance.
  • Bigger is not always better, our investment universe is wider due to our smaller size allowing us access to smaller, well performing funds that aren’t considered by the larger managers.
  • We cap the potential highs to protect against the losses Signia Invest limit the downside risk as much as possible without giving up a lot of what they make on the upside

Introducing the Signia Invest portfolios

Signia Invest has a choice of 3 investment portfolios that cover a range of risk and return levels, each can be invested in, through one of the Signia Services; ISA, SIPP or General Investment Account.

  • Signia Invest enables you to tailor your choice of portfolio to match your investment goals and individual needs.

  • Flex amounts between the strategies, helping you cater for your short and long term needs at the same time.

Portfolios are a collection of investments and are run by our team of leading experts.

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Signia Invest Sovereign Portfolio  – an alternative to cash

Many investors remain in cash because they are worried about the current market conditions. As a consequence, they have seen their capital erode and have suffered important opportunity costs over time

Real Rate of Return on Cash1 - 31 December 2000 to 31 December 2020

*Real cash rate represents the nominal rate of cash less the cost of inflation (CPI) in each relevant currency. Source: Bloomberg; Signia Wealth. Past performance is not a reliable indicator for future returns

Over the past 20 years the average rate of return of cash has been near zero across all major currencies.

Dec 2000 – Dec 2020




Average real rate of return

-0.29% 0.30% -0.21%
  • Real cash rates are likely to remain low or negative for the foreseeable future as a consequence of the economic cycle’s financial depression for savers
  • The rate hiking cycle in the US was slower and longer than usual, and has now ended
  • Positive inflation levels have continued to add pressure on real cash rates

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